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If you would like to send your congratulations or review-blurb to the cast and crew, please e-mail Stan Williams.

Fantastic! My congratulations to the cast and crew. Prayers for a great premiere! It's impressive to see a group of teens with the drive to take a script from concept all the way through. May it be a wonderful first beginning of a lifetime of achievement! Blessed Advent! Peace and good.

Regina Doman
Author and Conference Speaker

I was blown away by your professionalism on set! Thank you for your attention to detail. It was a wonderful experience. Steven Spielberg better watch out - ha! I can't wait to see the film. I wish you all the best of luck. Never stop pursuing your dreams. Keep working hard. It's not the most talented people that succeed, it's the people who work the hardest and want it the most! May God bless you - each and every one of you.

Kelly Garver Nieto
Executer Producer & Creator
Songwriter & Lyricist
The Cross and the Light
(Miss Michigan, 1986
Miss America Runner-Up and Talent Winner, 1987)

Wow, way to go Nikita, Anna and crew! Really impressed with the quality of the finished project. Such a fun story and great video. You all have a lot of talent. If I hadn't been on set, I would not have known that BLB was created by a small group of High School students! Congratulations on creating such an awesome video!

Alyse Paquin
Script Supervisor and Production Assistant
Final Cut Pro - Apple Certified Expert