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CLICK HERE for a list of our CrowdFunding Backer Names.


Our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN was a grand success. THANK YOU to everyone that participated. Your names as Assoicate and Executive Producers appear HERE.

Because BAD LUCK BELLA will be entering film festivals (and we still need to pay off a big loan) we will keep our CrowdFunding effort active ON THIS PAGE.

Of every dollar we receive via the DONATION BUTTON, after our expense associated with fulfillling the Award Premiums, 80% will go toward our funding debt (which the Kickstarter Campaign mostly eliminated -- THANK YOU), and 20% will go toward funding the submission of BAD LUCK BELLA to Film Festivals around the country, which can cost about $100 per festival. After the debt is fully paid back, 100% of your conribution (after the awards) will fund BLB's film festival entry fees.

We can't do this without you. So, thank you in advance for your fabulous support and getting this important film in theaters.


To donate follow these steps:
  1. Using the Award Table below, choose your award level. You do not have to contribute one of these fixed amounts. You can choose to give any amount.
  2. To pay using PAYPAL or a CREDIT CARD click the DONATE button at right. You'll be asked to type in a donation amount and other payment information.
  3. Too pay using a check, fill out your check for your donation amount, make it payable to: "SWC Films," and in the subject line write "Bad Luck Bella Crowd Funding." Then mail it to:
    Bad Luck Bella c/o SWC Films
    PO Box 29
    Novi, MI 48376
  4. You will receive either an email receipt from PayPal or a printed receipt through regular mail for your check.
PayPal or Credit Card Donation

Or, send check to:
Bad Luck Bella
c/o SWC Films
PO Box 29
Novi, MI 48376


1 $5 Our great appreciation and thanks. We will list your name on our website's "Great Supporters Thank You List." Within 48 hours.
2 $10 You get the Level 1 Reward plus a rack card poster autographed by the producer Anna Jones, and Writer-Director Nikita Mungarwadi, with a receipe for Bella's Breakfast Pizza. (Priceless!) March 2014.
3 $15 You get the Level 2 Reward, plus an expanded audio-CD of Patrick Fifelski's musical soundtracks from the movie, including the title song "Bad Luck Be Gone." June 2014.
4 $25 You get the Level 2 Reward, plus a DVD (Standard Definition) copy of the finished movie, including bonus tracks of the spoof Lipstick commercial, trailers, and commentary track by the filmmakers. June 2014.
5 $40 You get the Level 2 Reward, plus Patrick Filfelski's music CD in Level 3 and the DVD in Level 4. June 2014
6 $70 You get the Level 5 Reward, plus a beautiful 11" x 16" Bad Luck Bella color glossy movie poster of your choice selected from the Home page of our website June 2014.
7 $150 You get the Level 5 Reward, plus a telephone call with Writer-Director Nikita Mungarwadi and Anna Jones and a PDF emailed to you of Bella's Top Ten Dating Tips. June 2014.
8 $250 You get the Level 6 Reward, plus lunch with Nikita, Anna and Dr. Stan at an inexpensive restaurant in the S.E. Michigan area. Your travel expenses not included. June 2014.
9 $500 You get the Level 8 Reward, plus co-Executive Producer credit on the final DVD and the movie used in festivals. Plus a one-hour telephone story consulting session with Dr. Stan Williams on a short story or screenplay you've written. June 2014.