CROWD FUNDING Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What will the money you raise be used for?
  • Of every dollar we receive, after our expense associated with fulfillling the Award Premiums we've promised, 80% will go toward our funding debt (about $750 as of 3/1/14), and 20% will go toward funding the submission of BAD LUCK BELLA to Film Festivals around the country, which can cost about $100 per festival.

    Once the production expenses are paid back to those from whom we've borrowed, 100% will go to promotion and submitting BAD LUCK BELLA to film festivals.

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2. Is the money raised tax deductible to the contributos or considrered an investment in the project with expected returns?

  • The money given to Bad Luck Bella is not tax deductible. We're sorry, but creating a tax-deductibel entity is very expensive, and forces the filmmakers to report to a Board of Directors who would be slow to make decisions, have to file expensive reports with the government, and generally make a low budget project like this untenable.
  • Neither is the money considered in any way an investment in the property nor does the donation make the contributor an ownership in the project.
  • The rewards offered for different levels of contribution are all that we offer, in addition to our continued thanks.
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3. What happens to the money if you go beyound your goal?
  • Extra money raised, beyond our production debt and current expenses, will be used for attending film festivals and, if we're fortunate, future productions.
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4. If this project was not part of a school's curricullum, how did it start?
  • For several years Dr. Stan Williams, a Hollywood story and script consultant, held a monthly meeting for teens interested in learning the craft of story structure and writing. They called it the Story Symposium. It was free and totally voluntary. When it was over, one of the students, Nikita Mungarwadi asked Dr. Williams for help in making a film as sort of a capstone project. Dr. Williams asked her to write a 10 page script. She wrote 15. After a table read with the other students it became 25 pages. And that's how Bad Luck Bella began.
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5. Who is managing the company?
  • Dr. Stan Williams is our volunteer manager. His company, SWC Films is also paying all overhead. Bad Luck Bella, LLC is a company, but one without a bank account; SWC Films is managing our funds without any administrative cost.
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