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Take 4B-C1 Sound 18

The Guys!

Does the glass slipper fit?

Catch that sound, Dan

Learning how to apply lipstick from a pro, Kelly Nieto.

"Holy Snot!"

Alyse Paquin

Mr. Counselor meets The Count

Producer & Director

Mom & Dad: "What's going on in here?"

Did anyone bring a water hose?

Jacob gets a chop-and-glue test.

Can we get any closer?

Has anyone seen Bella whats-her-name?

The Boyd House Crew

Driveway Shoot - long hot day.

What color table is next?

Day 1, Scene 1 - Jones' Family Room

The party that never ended

Shade Break in Middle of Day

Snack Break in Middle of Night

Lipstick Playback on Communicore's Stage

Lipstick Spot Crew. Thanks, Mrs. Nieto. You are!

Location Captain: "Really! How long is this going to take, Niki?"

Stop spining that skull.

Patrick Fifelski - Final Mix requires Good Ears

Executive Producers: "Will this ever get done?"

The 16-month Post Production Team

Premiere at MICHIGAN THEATER in Ann Arbor

Anna and Niki Preparing Kickstarter Awards

Anna and Niki Preparing Kickstarter Awards