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Defending the Christian Faith with Reason, History, and Scripture.

BELOW are articles, references, books, and links that we've found helpful in discovering God's revealed truth and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it has been taught the last 1900 years in the Roman Catholic Church.

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Mary was chosen by God the Father,
espoused to the Holy Spirit,
and carried within her the presence of God in the flesh.
No other human being knew God so well
or was as close to God as Mary.
Not even Moses.
If you contemplate that,
then ANYTHING the church believes about Mary
is small potatoes and easy to embrace. (Pam Williams)

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These are articles that wre written before blogging was invented.

"Letter to Phyllis"
My aggravation with the fallacies used by anti-Catholics is modestly evident in this response to a Nineveh's Crossing "customer" who requested a catalog after watching part of COMMON GROUND on TBN. The letter begins with an explanation of the three major fallacies anti-Catholics use in their attempt to debunk Catholicism. It then goes on to explain the Bible -- to someone who told me to study my Bible more closely. This is also a person who claimed to have been raised in the Catholic Church, so some chastisement is necessary.
Stan Williams

"Merry Christmas - 2005"
Another essay on the etymology of "Merry Christmas" and how Western culture's heightened importance of individualism has probably changed the phrase over the centuries.
Stan Williams

Pam Exhibits Uncharacteristic Behavior
While her parents were out of town and at their request, Pam took her brother to his regular Baptist Church one Sunday evening. Much to her surprise, everyone there, and everyone that knows her, she was unable to sit quietly in her pew when the visiting missionary started to demean Catholicism.
Pam Williams

Book Review: The Catholic Verses, by Dave Armstrong
A number of former Protestant Evangelicals, like me, claim that the reason we became Catholic was that for the first time the Bible, as a whole, suddenly made sense. In this book, Dave Armstrong explains why, as Protestants, we had so much difficulty. This article first appeared on the Catholic Exchange June 24, 2005, and clicking on the link above will take you to that page. Dave is a good friend of ours who lives near us in a suburb of Detroit. After his conversion from Evangelicalism in the early 1990s, David has developed one of the largest and most effective Christian Apologetic websites in the world. Biblical Evidence for Catholicism.
Stan Williams

Confess to a Priest? Heavens. No!
Pam's concise email response to a close Protestant-Evangelical friend on why there are priests, their role in confession, and the Biblical justification.
Pam and Stan Williams

A Lutheran Theologian Comments on Sola Scriptura
Respected Lutheran theologian rejects Sola Scriptura as it is understood by most Evangelicals and Protestants. In so doing this Lutheran theologian provides a general description on the importance of Sacred Tradition that agrees with the Catholic understanding and critical nature of tradition that all faiths must have in order to sustain their belief system.
Martin Marty, Ph.D.

The Bible Interprets Itself
Therapy after an argument with Lutherans who claim to be members of the original Catholic Church. A very novel concept. They don't claim to be Protestants, because they (via Luther) are not protesting, but where rather excommunicated. Hmmm!?
Stan Williams

Arrogant Catholicism
Dialogue with an Evangelical friend about the Catholic Church's corner on truth. Dialogue explores the difference between confidence in truth and arrogance -- a common criticism against Catholicism by liberals who want the Church to "update their teachings" -- except this complaint comes from a right wing fundamentalist. Will relativism never end?
Stan Williams

LORD OF THE RINGS Fundamentals
20 ways the films are both Christian and Catholic - appeared on (January 6, 2003)
Stan Williams
Click here to see January 6, 2003 article in the Catholic Educator's Resource Center archieves.

Mass Dimensions With Photographs (5.6 Meg PDF)

Mass Dimensions Text Only
An extra-dimensional glimpse of reality and the Mass
Stan Williams
Appeared in FAITH (Nov/Dec 2002 - a UK journal)

John 6 (Corpus Christi)
A Commentary in the Evangelical Fashion on The Eucharist and the Real Presence
Stan Williams

10 Objections to Mary
A look at Mary in Scripture with a tad of common sense
Stan Williams

Returning to Apostolic Traditions
February 2000
Rev. Alex Jones - former pastor of the Maranatha Christian Church, Detroit, MI

Reason vs. Prayer
Why pagans often do not give Christianity a second look
Stan Williams

Eight Reasons for Being Single
The blessing of God
Stan Williams
Appeared on

J.R.R. Tolkien's Take on the Truth
The quintessential story premise
Zenit Interview with
Joseph Pearce

The Joy of Suffering
Solving the problem of suffering solves the meaning of life
Stan Williams

Dear Ones
Pam's Catholic Conversion Letter (January 1999)
Pam Williams

Doctrinal Authority
A Little Summary of the Authority of the Catholic Church (July 1999)
Pam Williams

Mary ChristMass
Things we've learned about Christmas (December 1999)
Pam & Stan Williams

Fr. John Hardon, S.J.
Remembrances of a remarkable man of God (January 1, 2001)
Pam & Stan Williams

A Bin Laden Thank You
Another example of seeing the purpose in suffering
Author Unknown

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